Vergine T., De Matteis M., Rota L., Marchioro A., Baschirotto A.

in Conference Proceedings – 9th Conference on Ph. D. Research in Microelectronics and Electronics, PRIME 2013 (2013) 45-48, 6603108. DOI:10.1109/PRIME.2013.6603108


A calibration circuit for single-ramp A-to-D converters is presented here. The calibration circuit allows to automatically compensate the process/mismatch and radiation effects on the A-to-D converter, improving performance and Equivalent Number of Bits. In particular, the calibration circuit is able to automatically align the ramp signal reference used for the conversion in single slope architectures A-to-D architectures, compensating slope deviations due to technological/electrical reasons. Moreover, the calibration circuit shares the same analog circuits of the A-to-D converter, requiring only a small additional power budget and logic for the implementation. The calibration circuit has been validated, testing the overall A-to-D converter after the calibration. A 12 steps binary search is required to calibrate the A-to-D converter (about 2.5ms). This calibration circuit is able to guarantee an 11bits accuracy, in the worst case simulation corner. The technology used is a 65 nm CMOS. The clock frequency has been set to 20 MHz and the power consumption is about 400 μW. © 2013 IEEE.

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