Caselle M., Brosi M., Chilingaryan S., Dritschler T., Hertle E., Judin V., Kopmann A., Muller A.-S., Raasch J., Schleicher M., Smale N.J., Steinmann J., Vogelgesang M., Wuensch S., Siegel M., Weber M.

in IPAC 2014: Proceedings of the 5th International Particle Accelerator Conference (2014) 3497-3499.


Copyright © 2014 CC-BY-3.0 and by the respective authors.The commissioning of a new real-time and high-accuracy data acquisition system suitable for recording individual ultra-short coherent pulses detected by fast terahertz detectors will be presented. The Karlsruhe Pulse Taking Ultra-fast Readout Electronics (KAPTURE) is able to monitor turn-by-turn all buckets in streaming mode. KAPTURE is based on a direct sampling pulse operating with a minimum sampling time of 3 ps and a total time jitter less than 1.7 ps. A very low noise layout design combined with wide dynamic range and bandwidth of the analog front-end enables the sampling of signals generated by different GHz/THz detectors. The system has already been used with NbN and YBCO superconductor film detectors as well as zero biased Schottky diode detectors. The digitized data is transmitted to a DAQ system by a FPGA high throughput board with data transfer rates of 4 GByte/s. The setup is accomplished by a real-time data processing unit based on high-end graphics processor units (GPUs) for on-line analysis of the frequency behaviour of the coherent synchrotron emission. The system has been successfully used to study the beam properties of the ANKA synchrotron radiation source located at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.