Rota L., Caselle M., Chilingaryan S., Kopmann A., Weber M.

in 2014 19th IEEE-NPSS Real Time Conference, RT 2014 – Conference Records (2015), 7097561. DOI:10.1109/RTC.2014.7097561


© 2014 IEEE. PCI Express (PCIe) is a high-speed serial point-to-point interconnect that delivers high-performance data throughput. KIT has developed a Direct Memory Access (DMA) engine compatible with the Xilinx PCIe core to provide a smart and low-occupancy alternative logic to expensive commercial solutions. In order to maximize the PCIe throughput the DMA engine adopts a new strategy, where the DMA descriptor list is stored inside the FPGA and not in the central memory system. The FPGA design package is complemented with a simple register access to control the DMA engine by a Linux driver. A handshaking sequence between the DMA engine and the Linux driver ensures that no errors occure, even in data transfers of several hundreds of Gigabytes. The design has been tested with Xilinx FPGA Families 6 and 7, and operates with the Xilinx PCIe endpoint generation 1 and 2 with all lane configurations (x1, x2, x4, x8, x16). Data throughput of more than 3.4 GB/s has been achieved with a PCIe Gen 2 ×8 lanes endpoint. The proposed DMA is currently used in several experiments at the ANKA synchrotron light source.

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