Riechelmann, Max

Diploma Thesis, Faculty for Computer Science, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, 2015.


NVIDIAs recently presented GPUDirect RDMA technology allows direct communication on the PCIe bus between NVIDIA GPUs and other devices. The ability to bypass main memory and write and read directly into/from the GPU memory is expected to decrease the latency of data tranfer actions. KIRO (KITs InfiniBand remote communication library) is used to provide high-performance communication for control systems at the image beam line of the ANKA synchrotron. To improve the reaction time of control systems and be ready for cameras with throughput of several gigabytes per second, we have modified KIRO to use the GPUDirect RDMA technology. Using this approach we were able to reach throughput rates of 40 GBit/s and could nearly halve the latency. The GPUDirect technology and the updated architecture of KIRO will be presented in this work. The achieved performance and feasability of the integration in the current workflow will be discussed.


First assessor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Karl
Second assessor: Prof. Dr. Marc Weber

Supervised by Dipl.-Inform. Timo Dritschler,  Dr. Ing. Mario Kicherer